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Groupon FAQ

Have a question about your Groupon?  Here are some common questions and answers:

How do I schedule my Groupon with the online scheduler?  

Please go to to enter the on-line scheduler.  Select the Groupon you have purchased.  Choose from the dates in bold.  New client specials or packages do not apply for Groupons.  

I want to add more time onto my Groupon hour, making my treatment 90 or 120 minutes.  How do I do that?

Choose your massage from the drop down list.  You will then be shown a list of add-ons for your massage, like exfolliation and energy work, will appear.  You pay the difference online through Paypal. 

How often should I get a massage?

As often as you can!  Regular massage reduces stress and helps your body feel great.  For upkeep and maintenance, every three weeks or once a month is good.  For chronic issues and for high-stress occupations, every one or two weeks is great.  For optimal health and well-being, every week or twice a week is ideal.  Check my Rate Page or Wellness Plan to see what may work best for your healthful living.

 How do I use the Groupon on the day of the massage?

1. Pull up Groupon with the mobile app or print it out before your appointment.
2. Present Groupon at appointment.
3. Enjoy!

From Groupon:

 "*Remember: Groupon customers tip on the full amount of the pre-discounted service (and tip generously).

That's why we are the coolest customers out there." 

My Groupon is expired.  Can I still use it? 

Yes! Please do!  It’s similar to a Gift Certificate, though within the parameters of the Groupon.  Whatever you paid goes towards the value of a full massage.  Please bring your expired Groupon voucher to your massage.  Standard pricing only for Groupons.


Thank You so much for participating in the Groupon campaign! I have the best Groupon-ers and have been delighted by each and every one.  Thanks for putting your care in my hands!!!:)